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Women Cell

To Work without Harassment is your Fundamental Right

On 13th August 1997, the Supreme Court of India held that sexual harassment of women is a violation of the fundamental right of women to work in a safe environment. The Supreme court guidelines define sexual harassment to include

  • Physical contact and advances.
  • Demand or request for sexual favors.
  • Sexually colored remarks.
  • Display of pornography.
  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature.

Often such behavior goes unpunished mostly because of hesitation on the part of women to report such behavior out of a sense of shame or fear or both. It is important for women to protest against any behavior that they feel is unwanted and unacceptable.

If you are being harassed, this is what you can do…

  • Don’t feel a sense of shame. Tell the harasser very clearly that you find his behavior offensive.
  • Don’t ignore the harassment in the hope that it will stop on its own. Come forward and complain.
  • Talk to somebody you trust about the harassment. It will not only give you strength but also help others in similar situations to come forward and complain.
  • Keep a record of all incidents of sexual harassment in a notebook. If you feel the need to register a formal complaint later, this record will be helpful.

What action can be taken against the offender?
After it has been proven that the offender has indulged in sexual harassment in the work place, an appropriate punitive action would be taken against him irrespective of his status in the Institute (staff, faculty, student). Where such conduct amounts to a specific offence under the Indian Penal Code or under any other law, a complaint will be made to the appropriate action in accordance with the law can be taken.

The Role of the Women’s Cell

  • To ensure that appropriate action is taken against the offender.
  • To ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.

To take proactive measures towards sensitization, we have one committee for Women’s cell.

Sr. No. Member Name Designation Contact No.
1 Miss Jigna Togadiya Committee Member (02822) 227230
2 Miss Aarati Bhojani Committee Member (02822) 227230