Welcome to Shree Kadva Patidar Kanya Kelavani Mandal - Morbi sanchalit Smt. R. O. Patel Women's MCA College... Trust Reg. No.: F-193 | AICTE Permanent ID: 1-508349109 | GTU Institute Code: 557


About Udisha Club has been founded with the sole intention of providing innovative and contemporary education in Gujarat based on a global platform ultimately leading to progress and fulfillment. Besides imparting exact academic know-how, the foundation aims to concentrate on the all round aspects of the complete growth of the student through spiritual awareness, progressive thinking and cultural backgrounds. With renowned academicians, literary geniuses, and international sports persons on the advisory panel for guidance and support, the foundation plans to set new benchmarks in the educational field. The Grow More Foundation believes that providing a learning conducive environment, inspirational teachers and a focused vision towards the education process leads to the generation of a socially aware and responsible citizen.

Udisha Club / GIC (GTU Innovation Council) Faculty member details:

Sr. No. Member Name Designation Email
1 Mr. Navneet Aghera Assistant Professor navneetaghera@ropmcamorbi.org
2 Mr. Milan Doshi Co-ordinator milandoshi@ropmcamorbi.org
3 Miss. Jigna Togadiya Faculty jignatogadiya@ropmcamorbi.org
4 Miss. Aarti Bhojani Faculty aaratibhojani@ropmcamorbi.org

Udisha Club / GIC (GTU Innovation Council) Student member details:

Sr. No. Member Name MCA Semester Email
1 Barasara Mamtaben Ambaram 5 barasaramamta@gmail.com
2 Patel Dhvani Maheshbhai 5 dhvani.ptel242@gmail.com
3 Halavadiya Aradhnaben Hiteshbhai 5 halvadiyaaradhana9@gmail.com
4 Chaniyara Armyben Rameshbhai 3 aarupatel1111@gmail.com
5 Detroja Jalpaben Dineshbhai 3 jalpadetroja2110@gmail.com
6 Makadia Jankiben Vinodray 3 janumakadia17@gmail.com
7 Chaniyara Vaishaliben Manharbhai 3 chaniyaravaishali1510@gmail.com
8 Kanjiya Priyankaben Ashokbhai 3 priyankapatel7722@gmail.com
9 Detroja Archanaben Bharatbhai 3 detrojaarchana@gmail.com