Welcome to Shree Kadva Patidar Kanya Kelavani Mandal - Morbi sanchalit Smt. R. O. Patel Women's MCA College... Trust Reg. No.: F-193 | AICTE Permanent ID: 1-508349109 | GTU Institute Code: 557


Message From President

In our campus all the schools and colleges are running very well leading by “Shri Kadva Patidar Kanya Kelvani Mandal” and they are also getting good results. In the last few years we have started different courses like M.C.A B.C.A.,B.A., B.Com according to the need. Today almost 6000 Girls/Daughters ate studding in different courses. Because of the good facilities of buildings and safe atmosphere girls are getting education very peacefully. As per the aim of our respected elders, this campus was started in 1978 with the purpose to provide better education to all the girls of Morbi and nearby villages in nominal fees and today it is truly an extremely developed and getting good result every year. Our MCA College got good rank in all over Gujarat.

The very aim of the leaders of this campus is to teach the girls about morals and values with education. So students could develop themselves in every perspective and in future they would be able to tackle every situation in their life. They will always think about the welfare of our society and country, and to make our society cultured. Even MCA cleared students have the opportunities to get good job in almost 700 ceramic factories of Morbi.

Shri Becharbhai Hothi