Welcome to Shree Kadva Patidar Kanya Kelavani Mandal - Morbi sanchalit Smt. R. O. Patel Women's MCA College... Trust Reg. No.: F-193 | AICTE Permanent ID: 1-508349109 | GTU Institute Code: 557

About Us

Shree Kadva Patidar Kanya Kelavani Mandal – Morbi was established in 1977, bearing the registration no F-193. The Main aims and Objects of the Mandal were and remained to import quality education at low-cost to the girls from Morbi City and surrounding rural areas with that aim the trust stated its education activities in 1978 in rented building with only 35 girls students.

Till March-2001, The trust has established two girl’s high-schools, two higher secondary schools, college, hostel for high-school, a separate hostel for college girls, gausala, a well equipped computer center, a modern agriculture farm. From July-2001 Shree Kadva Patidar Kanya Kelavani Mandal – Morbi has started Smt. Rewaben O. Patel Women’s College with huge and generous donation of Rs. 55 lack from the sons late Rewaben Odhavjibhai Patel.

Today we express our gratitude towards Shree Jayrajbhai A. Patel – a Founder Father, Who fought until the last breathe for the fulfillment of the aims and objects of our trust. The people of Morbi and surrounding rural areas are really indebted to late Shri Jayrahbhai Saheb.

The Owner of ORPAT (Ajanta Clock) Group, Shri. Odhavjibhai R. Patel’s wife Smt. Rewaben expired on 4th Dec, 2000. Smt. Rewaben had Cherished a desire to improve girl’s education. She had greatly contributed her best to support such activities. So in the remembrance of late Rewaben O. Patel, the sons of Shri Odhavjibhai. R. Patel, Shri Pravinbhai O. Bhalodiya, Shri Jaysukhbhai O. Bhalodiya and Shri Ashokbhai O. Bhalodiya decided to donate an ample amount of Rs. 1,11,11,111. They have donated a commendable, generous amount of 55 lacs to Shri Kadva Patidar Kanya Kelvani Mandal, Morbi to establish Smt. Rewaben O. Patel Women’s College. The Smt. Rewaben O. Patel Women’s College has started from 20th July,2000.